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About Our Bakery

Enlivened by incredible crisp fixings, our little neighborhood bakery at Serangoon Ave 3 started making craftsman bread and naturally prepared desserts. Our visitors’ solicitations kept on moving us as our bakery menu and business developed.


Today, we keep on satisfying the needs and wants of our patrons with Signature menus and daily bread fixes. 


When you visit our neighborhood bakery, you’ll see a modern bakery with our pastry specialists hard at work. Our bread is baked daily by our profoundly gifted specialty bakers to guarantee each portion of bread is flawless without fail - crisp out of the oven! 


Our Products

We take pride in researching new Signature Menu that is well-loved by our Patrons. We re-create traditional menu to a modern fix. To date, we have introduced three new Signature Brand product lines - Coco Bingo, Roti Bhai and Durian Delights. More to come with Croffles and Cake Jars, so join us and tell us your favorite bread fix, it might just become our new menu.

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